Enhancing Feedback Systems in Teacher Education: The Case of Addis Ababa University


  • Kassa Michael Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia


Feedback systems; Teacher Education; Performance.


Feedback systems have been and are debatable issues in teaching learning in general and in universities in Ethiopia in particular. They are frequently used without much consideration of the impacts on student interest to learning, their performance and course requirements. Nor are they concerned on how in-service and pre-service teachers are trained. However, proper feedback systems enhance performance of students and improve interest in learning. The present research investigated feedback systems at Addis Ababa University and tests the use of different approaches than the traditional (accustomed) ones and check reflection of students and their performance. Based on this research, identifying student needs and setting feedback mechanisms with the participation of the students have shown extended gain in student interest in learning and promoted student performance. In addition, it revealed enhanced teaching learning by way of exercising some of the agreed upon feedback systems that gave chance for the in-service students who have some experience in teaching to reflect on the practice and examine their own experiences.

Author Biography

Kassa Michael, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

Kassa Michael with M.Sc. and PGCHE has an experience as a secondary school mathematics teacher since 1987 – 1994, as a coordinator of Mathematics and Science panels at Department of Curriculum Development and Research from 1994 – 1996, and as a teaching staff at Mekelle and Addis Ababa Universities. He is a PhD candidate at the College of Education and Behavioral Studies tracking Mathematics Education. He has so far produced more than 20 unpublished research papers, presented at various seminars and conferences, and three published articles. He has participated in the development of mathematics textbooks for grades 1-12. Correspondence: , Lecturer and Academic Council Chair for Graduate School of Education, College of Education and Behavioral Studies,Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, P.O.Box 31555, E-mail: ftkassa2010@yahoo.com or raskassamichael@gmail.com




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