Merit Pay: Is it now time to pull back high stakes testing along with ‘Merit Pay’ as a reward?


  • Hans A. Andrews Olney Central College


High Stakes Testing; Educational Assessment; merit pay; teacher evaluation; Gates Foundation research findings; merit pay as a reward; impact of evaluation; testing research outcomes


The United States educational system, along with those in numerous other countries, has moved into what is called a 'high stakes' testing program emphasis. There are now mixed but fairly negative results from the high stakes testing program being revealed in recent national reviews of testing and the outcomes achieved. It has been found not producing the increased student test outcomes in numerous areas where it had been initiated. In addition, the improved systems of teacher evaluation, recruitment of higher quality teachers, and removal of poor and incompetent teachers all have shown disappointing results at very high financial costs. The role of merit pay has also not lived up to the promises made.

Author Biography

Hans A. Andrews, Olney Central College

Hans A. Andrews, EdD is Distinguished Fellow in Community College Leadership, Olney Central College, IL, USA; Instructional Administrator and Community College President. Author: Recognition vs. Merit Pay for Our Best Teachers and Accountable Teacher Evaluation: Toward Highly Qualified and COMPETENT TEACHERS. He can be reached at Ottawa, Illinois, 61350 USA. Email: Phone: 815-431-8934




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